Whitening Cc Cream Spf 50+ Pa++++ 30G

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While teeth whitening was slice by powerful uv. CC cream which results in clean skin that is gorgeous. Containing whitening active component (tranexamic acid). Containing stratum corneum refining compounds. Composition of UV damage portion (BC complex). PM2.5 harm interest ingredient (Ougon extract) mixture. With a three layer sandwich system, it's reluctant to sweat and liquid. Leads to transparent gorgeous skin while UV cutting. Waterproof formula which resists water as well as sweat. Prescriptions which are mild on the skin. How you can use: After preparing skin with product, bring a suitable quantity on the fingertips of yours and put it on the forehead of yours, nose, both cheeks, and face. Be applied to the whole face from within to exterior. Overlay a little quantity particularly on the part you wish to discuss. Estimated usage: one huge pearl grain.

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