Green Derma Real Guaze Peeling Mask Bha 1Pc 28G

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2-step self treatment mask package providing handy peeling and after wonderful cares ideal for oily skin Step one: BHA shedding swab - Contain BHA as well as propolis contents to eliminate old skin cells for sleek, specific skin with no irritation while preps for the absorption of effective ingredients in Step two Step two: Real gauze Triple Hyaluronic Acid Soothing sheet - Natural clean cotton guaze cloth with excellent adhesive energy as well as air permeability,mildly attches to skin for fast distribution of active substances - Contain hydrating Triple Hyaluronic Acid content; Centella Asiatica extracts as well as Madecassoside foods with great relaxing effect The best way to use: one. Following face cleansing, adjust epidermis texture with toner. two. Make use of the Step one Peeling Swab to wipe throughout facial location out of inner to outer part across the skin feel. No washing is required, just carefully dap for absorption. three. Place the Step two Soothing mask on the face of yours and remove it after ten - twenty miuntes. Lightly dap the remaining heart on the face for greater absorption.

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