Ichikami Natural Care Select Shampoo Refill 2 Types

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Ichikami Natural Care Select Shampoo - Moist: Premium sequence of carefully selected Wakusa extract formula. Pick over ninety % of healthy ingredients to adhere to the components used. To the hair style that's hypersensitive to outside anxiety as well as hair, attention to the locks, locks to moisture to your hair ends. Luxurious hundred % natural fragrance consumption. Aroma of luscious citrus floral. Applying aminoalkanoic acid based cleaning up pieces. Non silicon shampoo. Artificial coloring free. Sulfate free. Ichikami Natural Care Select Shampoo - Smooth: Prescription which utilized very carefully selected naturally derived ingredients at ninety % or over (including water). hundred % natural luxury fragrance pre-owned fragrance. Easy is a scent of refined Herbal Green. Take of amino acid based cleaning pieces non silicon shampoo. With a well cleaned amino acid based cleansing component (lauroylmethylalanine Na), rapidly enrich the bubbles, lightly wrap skin as well as hair lightly, washed clothes securely. Proper care for skin as well as hair vulnerable to outside stress and anxiety (drying and also friction), to a gentle finger street as efficiently as you can. Artificial coloring free, sulfate free (sulfuric acid based surfactant not used). How you can use: Hair that is wet as well as lather effectively enough to carefully rub the epidermis, rinse completely. Pack Size - 340ml

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