Lab Smart Mask 1 Pc 4 Types

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Fragrance free, pigment free, alcoholic beverages free. GHK-Cu Reverse the younger of time would be in one move in position. Smooth facial lines, firming anti wrinkle. Press the pause button to conceal skin completely. Licorice Tender treatment, a fall of Moist as well as thoughtful vulnerable skin. Nurture as well as take care of skin that is very sensitive, good maintenance. The counter is smooth and calm, the bottom level is sensitive and soft. Squalane External hydrating and within a fix, calmly offer with dried up skin issues. Outside formation a skin barrier shielding film to fight green damage. within Moisturizing repair, locking epidermis nutrients. Ceramide The skin's natural h2o retention web securely grasps the skin's hydrated & soft. The epidermis of ceramide, firmly locking the significant moisture of your skin. Repair the main framework to enhance the skin's safeguard barrier. How you can use: After the facial skin is washed, opened the package and take away the mask. First connect it with the forehead as well as nose, then simply flatten the entire experience. After staying for 10 15 mins, walk up the movie below & slowly pat the remaining heart on the experience. After use, you are able to handle consequent skin without supplemental clothes. Pack Size - one pc

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