Furupuru Hand & Nail Cream Set 4 Types

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Hand Cream 50g x one Mini Towel x one Hand & nail ointment which may be utilized immediately to smartphones with sleek covering of hydrated fingertips straight away. Incorporate 5 types of thick hydrating ingredients (moisturizing ingredients). Vale keratin (hydrolyzed keratin), collagen (hydrolyzed collagen), honey, shea butter, macadamia seed oil. seven complimentary prescriptions which are happy for the skin of yours. Style free, paraben free, sulfate free UV absorber free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, benzoic acid free. How you can make use of: Use really clean skin. Require a suitable quantity as well as rub it to the nails of yours, fingertips, back of the hands of yours, etc. Pack Size - two pcs

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