Inclear Feminine Cleansing Gel 10 Pcs

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Hypoallergenic transparent gel type girly facial cleanser you are able to apply anytime and anywhere with no water. hanamisui inclear Vaginal Cleansing Gel is a medical device accredited by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. Precisely why should be sub acid? The level of ph of good female's vagina is somewhere between 3.8 - 4.5 (sub acid). Invariably you should monitor the level of ph of the girly care products of yours. Make sure you take into account that traditional body or soaps cleansers (alkaline products) is able to disrupt vagina's pH level. Litmus paper changes the color of its orange/yellow when acidity is sub acid(strong acid: white, alkaline: blue). Let us dip the litmus newspaper into inclear Vaginal Cleanser for three minutes. The style of litmus newspaper is orange/yellow. It suggests that inclear Vaginal Cleanser is sub acid. Suggested for individuals that are thinking about maintaining the vagina hygienic before as well as after menstrual period. are worried about irregular and/or uncomfortable vaginal discharge & odor. are experiencing vaginal dryness and also itching. are keen on continual proper care for the intimate spot. How you can use: Wash the hands of yours and tear the wrapper together with the tear line Remove inclear Vaginal Cleanser about 1/3, and eliminate the cap by bending at a 45 degree perspective inside of the wrapper. Insert inclear Vaginal Cleanser in vagina (approx. 1/3 of the applicator). Press the plunger until it stops to press the gel. Take away the applicator and also placed it within the bin. Pick an applicator (single use only) 2 or perhaps 3 times per week.

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