Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Refill 270Ml 4 Types

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Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Acne Care: Removes dullness and makeup, making skin even more clear. Skin lotion derived purifiying ingredients quickly and gently floatand envelop oil based beauty products, removing it together with dullness causing old skin cells, while retaining skin moist. Lightly clean off with cotton to eliminate also the thickest eye makeup, basis trapped in pores, and also dullness, without the need of massaging the skin. Exactly how Quick Floating works: Skin lotion derived purifiying ingredients float makeup grime and also catch dullness causing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are enveloped by purifiying ingredients. A single bottle for from cosmetics removal to skin. Use this individual container of cleaning water with skin lotion ingredients for from cosmetics removal to skin. Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for gorgeous clear epidermis. Includes 2 kinds of established health-related components to stop pimple or even skin roughness. Retains skin condition newly moisturized with no gluey sensation. Containing anti-inflammatory and non irritant formula, antiseptic ingredients. Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free, Oil-free, Colorant-free, Paraben-free. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Bright Up: The restored Cleansing Lotion Series items have exactly the same skin lotion cleansing substances as before, plus latest hydrating purifiying ingredients, even further enhancing the products' cleansing gentleness as well as power on the skin. The formula has purifiying components which mix with cosmetics more rapidly, realizing low-friction and easy makeup removal that's mild on skin along with cost-free of forcible rubbing. Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for abundantly moist skin Wipe off sort (used with cotton). Get rid of makeup as well as skin dullness and regain translucence to the skin of yours. The moisturizing cleansing substances produced from attractiveness lotion rapidly float & envelop oil based beauty products, easily taking away old ability cells and makeup, which will make skin seem to be dull. Lightly slide soaked cotton on the epidermis, and also get rid of heavy eye makeup, basis trapped in pores, as well as skin dullness, effortlessly without any rubbing. Totally getting rid of dead skin cells as well as soil trapped in pores. Containing hydrating Vitamin C along with lactic acid (a form of AHA) for clear epidermis. Formulated with lactic acid (dead cellular softener). Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Enrich: One container of cosmetics from make up remover to make up water. It's a detoxification product with a sensation of slipping and dampness up. Along with a completely new hydrating purifiying ingredient with a skin impact besides the soap produced from typical lotion. Enveloping the dirt more rapidly, additionally, it lowers aged keratin that triggers darkish make up as well as dullness, however, additionally, it enhances moisture after cleansing. Absolutely no scent, col

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