Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Gel Mask 5 Pcs

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Focused serum mask that contains natural aretinol (moisturizing ingredient). In the sleek Honpo sheet conceal, the top hydrating milk helps make the facial lines as a result of drying out inconspicuous. How you can use: Remove the mask out of the bin. Right after opening the best and bottom part of the folded conceal, distribute it sideways. Fold the sides of the mask outward. Right after aligning the mask with the eyes of yours, placed it on the forehead as well as mouth and ensure it's in good communication with the whole experience. It's more efficient to use the heart staying in the bag over the mask of yours. Get rid of the mask after 10 20 minutes, and also use the other serum on the epidermis. You are able to utilize it each day. Pack Size - five pcs

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