Ultra H2O Modeling Mask 4 Types Blue

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Super H2O Modeling Mask is packaged with: Pill shaped situation 1pc Solution one: 50g x 2pcs Solution two: 5g x 2pcs Spatula 1pc four Types of gel as well as essence variety of mask which moisturizes as well as feeds skin for an extended time period with no gluey feeling: Green For oily, very sensitive skin Soothing, protection, moisturizing, nourishing benefiits. Has Centella Asiatica extract to relieve the epidermis, Chamomile extract to eliminate impurities, moreover Avocado extract to nurture the skin. Pink Brightening, hydrating Contains Licorice extract to tone up the epidermis, Lime extract to make skin vigor, and rice bran extract for hydrating as well as brightening the skin. Bluish Firming, moisturizing, building up skin barrier Contains Hyaluronic acid for hydrating, Caviar extract for nourishing skin, nurturing wrinkles and lines, along with Houttuynia cordata extract for purifying. Gold Total attention like firming, deep care, brightening, relaxing Among the refill provided will likely be Ultra H2O Modeling Mask Green/Pink/Blue. Contains 24K genuine yellow for brightening and strong proper care of skin. Pearl extract, Niacinamide, Madecassoside etc. soothes, moisturizes, brightens, is concerned the affected skin and also produces well-defined skin with vigor. Extremely adheres to skin to eliminate old skin cells, sebum, along with pollutants from pores while hydrating the skin. How you can use: one. Pour remedy one into the mixing bowl. two. Include remedy two into Solution one and blend for ten seconds with the spatula included.(30 seconds for the Ultra H2O Modeling Mask - Gold.) three. Apply on face and clear away it after 20 30 minutes.

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