Medicated Sensitive Cream 40G

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It's a horny level keeping cream which carefully carefully wraps skin which is suffering from drying out and skin that is basic with moisture veil. Gooey, filling the skin of yours moistly to have good communication with the epidermis, fill with moisture which is going to soften up to feel. DHC's proprietary technology Moist Keep Barrier is followed, along with therapeutic ingredients stopping skin roughening, which includes stearyl glycyrrhetinate, then ceramide three which supplements the lost elements are integrated. Plan the fluid balance of the stratum corneum and help support the splendor that's not drop to the difficulty and also the first beauty. Absolutely no scent, color, natural ingredients formulation, alcohol free, paraben free, weakly sour. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity (pearl feed size) in the hands of yours and lightly blend it through the entire experience.

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